Variety’s Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch Brunch

Gal attended Variety’s Creative Impact Awards and 10 Directors to Watch brunch during the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival at Parker Palm Springs (January 3).

29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival

Gal attended the 29th Annual Palm Springs International Film Festival Awards Gala at Palm Springs Convention Center (January 2). Gal was honored with the (actress) Rising Star Award!

Hollywood’s Biggest Names Pledge “I Will Not Be Silent” (Video)

2017 is the year of using your voice and standing up for what you believe in. Watch stars including Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Lawrence, Emma Stone, Jake Gyllenhaal, Timothée Chalamet, and Margot Robbie vow not to be silent.

“Justice League” Los Angeles Premiere

“Justice League” Los Angeles Premiere

Gal attended the premiere of Warner Bros. Pictures’ Justice League at Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, California (November 16). Justice League will be in cinemas from November 16.

Gal is GQ’s Wonder Woman of the Year!

Gal is GQ’s Wonder Woman of the Year!

Gal is GQ‘s Wonder Woman of the Year! Check out the cover below.

Colin Kaepernick, Stephen Colbert, Gal Gadot, and Kevin Durant Are GQ’s 2017 December Covers

GQ – A basketball god, a Wonder Woman, a late-night legend, and a football superstar who sparked a protest revolution: All four are GQ’s 22nd-annual Men of the Year issue honorees.

Gal Gadot is GQ‘s Wonder Woman of the Year. GQ sent Caity Weaver to the beaches of Israel to visit the superhero incarnate, who spoke about being recognized, egg sandwiches, accents, and putting her Israeli armed forces defense training to work. Come back Wednesday for Gal Gadot’s cover story.

Gal Gadot is GQ’s 2017 Wonder Woman of the Year

The woman who kicked ass and changed superhero movies forever.
When real-life wonder woman Gal Gadot smashed up the big screen in this summer’s blockbuster hit Wonder Woman, we knew superhero movies would never be the same. Gadot, a former soldier in the Israeli army and the winner of the 2004 Miss Israel pageant, hit Hollywood as a fresh face for American audiences, so GQ writer Caity Weaver travelled to Tel Aviv to find out more about this real-life wonder of a woman. Between beach days, egg sandwiches, and a litany of Danishes, Gadot talks about breaking into Hollywood, life as one of the most famous people in Israel, and being a real-life badass, as Weaver discovers when she tries to get Gadot to show her some moves:

“This is what happens when you attempt to ambush Wonder Woman: The instant your hands fall upon her, she’s already holding them—your hands are her hands now. The next second is a blur,” she writes. “Your body goes earthward, and your arms get trapped by hers, forcing you to crumple over… You are at Wonder Woman’s mercy.”

Come back on Wednesday, November 15 for the full story on Gadot—including the definitive answer on how to pronounce her name—and to see all her photos from her photoshoot with Cass Bird.

“Wonder Woman 2” Moves To November 2019

“Wonder Woman 2” Moves To November 2019

Wonder Woman 2 is set to be released earlier than originally announced. The film is set for release on November 1, 2019.

‘Wonder Woman 2’ With Gal Gadot Moves To November 2019

DEADLINE – Warner Bros/DC’s Wonder Woman 2 is going to be released a month and half earlier than originally announced, with a new date set for November 1, 2019. Warner Bros already had that date RSVP’ed on the calendar with an untitled DC movie. Patty Jenkins is on board to direct and Gal Gadot is locked in to reprise her role as the Daughter of Hippolyta.

Previously, Warner Bros announced after San Diego Comic-Con that Wonder Woman 2 was to bow on December 13, 2019. Currently on her new date, Wonder Woman 2 faces zero competition.

And to just clarify: There was some noise online over the weekend that Gadot wouldn’t sign for the sequel unless Brett Ratner’s name was removed from the franchise. We hear this is false. First, Gadot is locked in to star in Wonder Woman 2 and there haven’t been sour talks between the actress and Warner Bros’ upper brass in regard to Ratner. The studio is pushing both Gadot and Jenkins this awards season, and both were in cheery attendance Saturday night at the Movie Academy’s Governors Awards.

Second, RatPac Dune isn’t committed to finance Wonder Woman 2; its commitments with WB end with the April 20 release of Rampage. In addition, Ratner isn’t listed as producer on the first Wonder Woman, as RatPac was merely a passive financier.

Wonder Woman 2 is dated within a week of MGM’s next James Bond film November 8, which Annapurna is very close to handling stateside. There’s a big battle for overseas distribution among Sony, Universal and Warner Bros for the franchise, and the new dating of Wonder Woman 2 raises questions whether WB remains in the mix to handle foreign.

Wonder Woman was the highest-grossing movie of the summer stateside with $412.6 million. The pic repped the best opening ever for a live-action film by a female director ($103.2M stateside) as well as the best worldwide ($821.8M).

This weekend we’ll see Gadot again as Wonder Woman in Justice League, which industry estimates project will clear $100M-$120M stateside in another win for DC on the big screen.

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